2016 Cridersville Speedway Rules
DBA Karters Inc.

General Rules
No fighting on track or premises, obscene language and gestures will not be tolerated; violators will be suspended at board’s discretion.  ZERO TOLERANCE TRACK.
If you strike any track personnel you will be barred for one year.
The use of any illegal substance is prohibited and will not be tolerated; violators will be barred for life and the authorities called.
If you feel you were cheated or a wrong judgment call was made toward you, calmly state your complaint to a track official after session and the problem will be resolved as best as possible.
The speedway strongly recommends a fire extinguisher in every trailer.
All pets must be on a leash.
We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason as we see fit.
Not responsible for accidents of any kind, or for stolen or damaged property.
If any pit crew or family member enters the track area without permission from a track official the driver will receive a DNF for that race.
Any complaints will be handled at the track on event day only! DO NOT contact ANY track personnel during the week for this matter.

Pit Area Rules
No consumption of alcohol in pit area, once you leave pits to consume alcohol you may not re-enter pits; violators will be asked to leave and suspended at board’s discretion.
No bikes or 4 wheelers allowed in pit area

Sign In Rules
Draw for starting position, two heat races, second inverted from the first.
16 karts will start feature
Heat Races will have no more than 7 karts.
 A class and driver must have a Membership and race 50% of scheduled point races to be eligible for trophies and jackets at banquet.(ex. If we have 15 scheduled points races a class needs to run at least 8 of these to qualify.)
A driver must have a Membership and has to race 65% of scheduled point races to be eligible for prizes and door prizes at banquet, driver must attend banquet to receive any prizes.(ex if a class runs 15 scheduled points races you will need to run at least 10 races to qualify.)
Pre Rookie and Apprentice once you move up in a class you can not move back.

Youth ages 0 to 14 may run multible  age restricted classes

Adults ages 15 and up may run multible age restricted classes
If you are signing in more than one kart you will need to clearly state which class you are drawling for before you drawl your pill. 
If you are running an age restricted class it is the age you are on January 1, 2015.

Track & Kart Rules
Scoring tower and flag stand are off limits.
All exposed flames, “tire boxes, tire rotisseries, tire warmers” will not be allowed on race track premises.
Tire prep or wet tires will not be allowed on the grid area.
No radios, audio, or mirrors permitted on racing surface.  If you are caught you will be disqualified with no refund. 
If caught cheating with intent to or if you refuse tech you will lose all points accumulated for all races to date.
No fairings for Pre rookie or Jr 1.
All containers must be properly labeled.
All karts must have 6 inch visible contrasting numbers on front, back and both sides.
All add on weights must be painted white and have the correct kart number on them.
No bumping or rough driving will be tolerated.
You will have to be on the grid before the checkered flag is thrown in the class prior to you or you will start from the tail.
Once your class is on the track, you will have 90 seconds total to make the field.  After the 90 seconds the track is closed.
Once you enter the track with a kart you must complete that heat race or feature with that kart.
Crews are not allowed to work on kart on track.
No one is allowed on the track during racing except track personnel unless assisting a kart or karter under red or yellow flag conditions or when track officials allow.  Limited to one crew person per kart, violators will restart from the tail
All heat races will have an 8 minute time limit; features will have a 15 minute time limit.
No restarts in heat races after first lap except 2 cycles, outlaw class and youth classes.
Any intentional spins or starts or restarts will result in starting the race from the tail.
If you cause two yellow flags in a heat race or a feature you will be black flagged.
In case of a yellow flag, maintain your position until crossing the start-finish line.  Restart: if you are involved in an accident or spin you will line up on the tail.  If you caused a yellow flag by pushing, rough driving, etc. (flagman will make that decision), you will be sent to the tail.  Flagman’s decision is final.
All cage kart must have wrist restraints and fuel tank safety vent
Red flag rule; you must enter pits to add or change anything to kart, such as air, tires, fuel or any other part, then you must start race from tail.
Spec engine tech in all classes, AKRA Clone rules.  Spec fuel tech on 2 cycle stock class and 4 cycle fuel tech, must be clear alcohol only, no additives permitted.  RLV silencer required in all classes except UAS and RWYB class.  If you are caught cheating you will be disqualified with no refund.
BURRIS SLICK TIRE RULE: All classes Except Kids Karts, RWYB , UAS. and Yamaha
All karts that have a weight rule must weigh in the scale house after each heat and the feature, if you fail to weigh or do not weigh enough you will be disqualified.
Full body cover, neck brace, gloves and an approved Snell 2005 full face helmet are required by all drivers.
No driving karts in pits.
All drivers must attend drivers meeting. 
Bodies and side panels should only consist of plastic or any other composite material.  NO type of metal is permitted.


Driver will be held accountable for pit crew they have with them!